Westpay is a full-service fintech- and payment solution provider that offers solutions that simplify payments and amplifies the overall customer experience.

Westpay was established in 1988. Since then, we have seen numerous innovations in the payment industry. 

Fintech- and payment solution is what we do. The driver, the why, is to be an enabler of our customers dreams and ambitions.  You see, we love making our customers’ experience a little bit better by adding our strength. Only when a customer finds the actual payment situation as a seamless and natural part of the overall experience, we are satisfied.

As you can imagine, this is not a straightforward objective or easy, but this is our purpose. We see this as a direction and a promise rather than a goal with a finish line. Something we have to earn. Every day.  

With a purpose like this, it is easy to say that the fintech industry has never been more fun — innovation and convenience rules. 

People first

Today, competition is stronger than ever. That’s why we put our whole soul into making our offer as relevant and qualified as possible. As you can imagine, we have several tools that give us the conditions to perform at the top. But the absolute main reason why we, as a relatively small Nordic player, can claim ourselves internationally is our staff.

The culture that characterizes us as a company is a sponsor of today’s and tomorrow’s innovation. It is also the reason we push a little extra if we think it benefits the customer.

We can visualize and communicate several success factors why you should choose Westpay. But no feature shines as strong as the integrity and competence of our employees. With them in your team, you can expect nothing less than the best.